The scope of protection of personal information

The use by a person or entity of such personal information as collected from "contact form" and "Web reservation system" on this site is in accordance to this ‘handling of personal information’ stated herein. Personal information defined herein refer to such information as name, address, and e-mail address.

The purpose of use of personal information

Enquiries about this web site or services, and personal information obtained through such a system as the web booking system on the web site will be used for such purposes as 'answering enquiries by customers’, ‘providing more information about services' and ‘booking appointments'.

Obtainment of personal information

This web site obtains personal information from an ‘entry form’ (the enquiry form, web booking system), and will not obtain any personal information contrary to the intention of the person in question. The obtainment of and the purpose of use of personal information is agreed upon by that person’s consent.

Safety of personal information

Appropriate measures are taken to protect personal information obtained through ‘contact form’ or ‘Web site booking system.’ All necessary and appropriate measures are installed in place to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss or leakage of personal information or loss of personal information by discard, whereby continually striving to improve on the information management system.

Provision of personal information to third parties

Personal information obtained on this web site through such a system as ‘contact form’ will not be disclosed to any third party without the consent of the customer of that information except for item (6) of the document.

Disclosure of personal information

Personal information will not be disclosed except in the following cases.
1. when disclosure of personal information is consented by the person providing that information.
2. when disclosure of personal information is required by warrant issued by the court or the court’s decision or order, or regulations.
3. when prosecutors, police and regulatory authorities make a query about information by a legal and appropriate procedure.

Principles of use regarding personal information protection law and matters of consideration

Use of personal information on this site is allowed only those authorized within the range of business objectives.
(The matters of strict consideration regarding personal information)
1. Personal information will not be used beyond the scope of normal business use. All possible measures are in place to prevent loss or leakage of personal information arising from moving the information from its usual place or sending it to an external source.
2. the confidentiality of personally identifiable information is ensured by all employees during work and in retirement